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Qatar being part of the Arab world has its own traditional outlook to fashion, despite the invasion of western styles. However, the majority of the population in Qatar consists of expatriates who are looking for modern fashion solutions in all areas of life. Consequently, a great number of international brands entered the Qatari market representing sport as a lifestyle concept over the past decades. The vision behind Sportswear Manufacturer ORYX LS is to become the first sports cloth brand ‘Made in Qatar’ and become a global brand. Regarding amount of upcoming sport events every year including FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar we strongly believe to reach this goal.

Related to his background in football the initiator and founder Mr. Abdul Rahman Mubarak Al-Kuwari is highly motivated to start his Sportswear business in Qatar. Mr. Al-Kuwari an ex-national football player and associated with Al-Rayyan club for 25 years who has good relationships and understanding of how to make business in Qatar and surrounding GCC region.

The Team has the passion to develop the requisite resources and also the extended team to manufacture high-end sportswear for men, women, children and professionals. The vision is to initially focus on simple high quality sportswear like T-shirts, track suits, shorts, trousers. Later ORYX LS will branch out in other sport fields offering a wider range of items including sportswear for Islamic women.

The objective is to satisfy local customers, create benefits for the Qatari economy by keeping money in the country and take care of the return on investment.

Our Specialized Staff

MR. Andreas Kuehl

Production Manager, Head of Screen Printing

  • I have worked for over 25 years in textile finishing. I coordinated as a production manager for 10 to 20 employees in the German textile printing.
  • My Focus:sponsor logo, back numbers For the Football Bundesliga in Germany. More than 150,000 logos and 500,000 back numbers a year. In Germany, a very high Quality standard is Required. Especially Environmental friendly, clean print fine lines and a very high water resistant.
  • I use water-based textile inks. They are completely environmentally friendly. At the same time by certain years of test specially blended recipes. They are Long Lasting and also Strong water resistant. It is produced by transfer printing on transparency paper.
  • It is a very complicated process but this one gets, all the Quality described above.